surveillance services

Video surveillance and intruder alarm systems:

The video surveillance system, with its high functionality and easy applicability, is the technological tool that allows, through simple web access using passwords and confidential personal codes, 24-hour monitoring from anywhere in the world, whether a fixed or mobile environment.
It is designed to allow the user to access online images of the locations protected by video surveillance from anywhere in the world, using the internet and mobile networks.
In full compliance with the law, it is able to guarantee absolute safety and confidentiality, as well a maximum simplicity in terms of the system itself.
This new product is supported by the Mobile Radio department's emergency response service, allowing us to offer an integrated security system, able to observe and monitor multiple targets.


Remote video surveillance

  • Alarm systems
  • Feasibility study
  • Customised design
  • Installation, sales, rental and system maintenance
  • Anti-intrusion, anti-theft, anti-robbery systems
  • CCTV camera system with remote transmission of images
  • Digital video surveillance systems
  • Detection and alarm systems for fire, gas and flooding
  • Automatic and/ or manual fire extinguishing systems
  • Emergency signaling and management systems
  • Access control and emergency management systems
  • Access control systems and attendance management
  • Telecommunications systems via radio links, telephone lines, mobile phone, GPRS and optical fibre
  • Integrated systems for the control of buildings and/ or geographical areas
  • Rental of security systems
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