prompt intervention

Armed surveillance

Fixed protection 

Armed Security:

  • Railway security
  • Port security
  • Protection/ supervision of sensitive targets (airports, ports, subways, embassies, museums, religious institutions)
  • Fixed protection/ surveillance for public and private bodies
  • Protection/ surveillance of artistic and architectural heritage
  • Protection/ surveillance of construction sites
  • Anti-sabotage surveillance
  • Rural surveillance
  • Anti-intruder surveillance
  • Access control and pre-identification
  • Fixed protection/ supervision of hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, centres for the elderly
  • Fixed protection/ supervision of public buildings (regional, provincial and municipal)
  • Fixed protection/ supervision of businesses, offices, factories, hotels
  • Control room protection
  • Protection of condominiums, consortia, residential areas, housing units, villas
  • Fixed protection/ supervision of exhibitions, fairs, concerts, sporting events, cultural, political, religious events, conferences, congresses;
  • Environmental remediation


    escort of valuables

    Value processing ​​and counting

    Stock values

    • Banknote counting
    • Coin counting
    • Value processing
    • Verification, checking, detection of worn-out and false currency
    • Binding, bundling, and strapping of banknotes
    • Packaging into cylinders, bags, containers
    • Sorting currency and banknotes by denomination
    • Authenticity checks
    • Safekeeping of valuables in vaults
    • Goods Notice vault in real-time currency exchange services, from paper to metal currency, direct delivery to applicants
    • Integrity and contents check of the packages via Video surveillance, images are stored in the archives
    • Immediate delivery of account statements and balances of movements relating to vault management


      Neighbourhood watch

      Neighbourhood Patrols are set apart by their continuous and comprehensive work in small high-risk areas with high levels of delinquency, as a preventative and deterrent measure at particularly dangerous times.Protecting roads, fences, water sources, electric, telephone, vehicles, real estate, villas, commercial activities, housing units, fighting against vandalism of property, infrastructure, equipment and technological systems, and assets present.
      Neighbourhood watch also aim to prevent intentional incidents, such as thefts, robberies, muggings, harassment, and damage.
      Private surveillance also aims to monitor for accidents, such as fires, floods, landslides, and collapses.
      Finally, it prevents criminal activity and disturbances to civil society, in spaces and environments frequented by residents, through immediate alerts, in case of emergency, to Law Enforcement, Medical services and the Fire Department.
      If the neighbourhood patrol is combined with the tele-radio-video Alarm Systems of individual properties being connected to the Company Operations Centre, the Company, in the case of an alarm signal, is able to activate and send the Emergency radio call, to resolve issues such as intrusion, damage, robbery, or similar events.
      The private security service responds immediately to an emergency call.

      • Checks of the specified area by security guards and/or by radio patrol cars
      • Neighbourhood protection, residential areas, associations, condominiums, businesses in the area
      • Protection of shopping centres and assistance-surveillance of shops and businesses
      • Protection of markets and surveillance of internal sales points
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